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The Broken Bayonets are a group of wargamers based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We are involved with many aspects and genres of wargames and roleplaying games, having many years of experience between us.
SK - Scott "Shinobi" Kirby
DK - David "Saflex" Khoo
CE - Chua "Art of Wargames"
FS - Francis "Wolf" See
JC - John Chung
KJ - Kian "Archgrandmaster" Jin
YA - Yassine "Plastermaster" Amraoui

If you're interested in starting wargaming as a hobby, or you're not aware of what wargaming can offer you and would like to know more, please follow the link below for a short explanation.

Wargaming: A short description of the hobby


BB Guys (from the left):
Scott, Mike & Boon (NapNuts), Chua (hiding at the rear - Spartan!), Wolf (happy coz he's just won the 1st Malaysian DBA Tournament), Dave, Kian Jin.

This site is our way of contributing to the gaming community. Here you will find articles on gaming, pictures of games and figures, links to our favourite websites and companies, battle reports and much more.
We hope that our website will be of use to visitors.
Welcome. Take time to look around and enjoy what you may find.
Broken Bayonets Gaming Group

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Miniatures (c) Essex Miniatures Ltd

DBA Sung Chinese 15mm figures.
Painted by Shinobi.



DeBAKLe 2004 report and photos
can be found here...
6 July 2005
Added: News to the News Page
Added: Banner links to Wolfs Game Shop
Updated: Calender events
19 April 2005
Added: Link to 3rd Dark Age Demo Report, look on the News and Battle Report pages - lots of pics (warning)
28 March 2005
Its been a while I know *blush*!!!!
Added: Terrain tutorial on Article page
Added: Latest news of happenings in the Tropics on the News page!!!
Added: Link to Wolfs Game Shop on Links page
4 January 2005
Added: Link to 2nd Dark Age Demo Report, look on the News and Battle Report pages
Added: Link to KJ's D6 Probability article, look on the Article and News pages
14 December 2004
Added: New BB Member - LARRY!!!!!

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