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Mini-Terrain Building Tutorial

D6 Probabilities: A simple guide to this common creature

Baccus 6mm Review

Undercoating Miniatures: A Malaysian Perspective

Panzerfaust: Armored Fist Review


The following articles will be coming soon...

2nd Malaysian DBA Tournament

The tournament went extremely well. Photos can be found from the links on the Home page and the News page. A full report and more photos to follow...

1st Malaysian DBA Tournament
Wolf steams ahead, Shinobi checks the rules for extra modifiers to add to his roll of '1'.

Baccus 6mm Army Review

Shinobi recently won a free army from Baccus. The army is 6mm scale from the Spanish Succession war. This is a period that he hasn't gamed before, so he'll be doing a review of the figures when they arrive, plus will also provide a painting guide for these little blighters.
Update - 17/11/04!
The army has been painted and based. See the link at the top of this page to read the review.

Rants / Raves

Modern Combat gaming............
How on earth are people going to paint the new US camo system? Use a toothbrush and flick the paint on?
Skirmish gaming - currently blessed
We are currently involved with four excellent skirmish games: Dogs of War, Dark Age, Confrontation, Warmachine. A good time for this type of gaming.
Articles from other BB members
Still waiting guys...
1. John - Hybrid game review
2. Chua - DBA analysis and evaluation
3. Wolf - Gaming in Malaysia

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