Looking backward...

History of the Broken Bayonets

The Broken Bayonets Gaming Group was officially formed in May 2003. But it's roots started growing a year or two previously when two of the members (Scott and David) met on The Miniatures Page. David had posted a message asking whether there were any TMP gamers in Malaysia. Scott then replied to the post and the two met up shortly afterwards. Their first game followed soon after.
Some of David's friends were then invited to join the gaming sessions (Kian Jin and Edmund) which were mainly World War Two land battles.
On one of David's jaunts through Kuala Lumpur's many shopping centres, he came across a small gaming shop hidden away in the depths of Amcorp Mall: "Wolf's Game Shop". They had tables, chairs, products on the shelf for innocent gamers like us to spend our hard earned salaries on. We then made our way to the shop to play some games, and to meet other gamers (Chua, John, Wolf). This is now our regular location for gaming and hanging out at weekends (when the wives will let us!)
Yassine is the newest member of the group. Scott met him on the Hirst Arts forum, and invited him down to the shop for some games. He came, he saw, he became addicted.
As well as the main group members, there are a number of associate / honourary members of the Broken Bayonets. Including the NapNuts from Singapore, Thomo the Lost and Paul Garnham from Australia, Paul Hannah and many others from USA. We even have members from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Europe.......... hmmm, no-one from Africa yet!!!!!
As to which games we play, well............ pretty much most games have been tried by one member or another at some point in their experience. We do have some regular and favourite games though, that take up much of our time.
Main Games Played:
De Bellis Antiquitatus (DBA) - Ancients
Dogs of War (DoW) - Modern Skirmish
Warhammer and Warhammer 40K - Fantasy and Sci-Fi 'Skirmish'
Car Wars - Post-apocolytic mayhem with cars
Board Games
We do play many other games, but the ones above are the most common.
Current projects:
Babylons Burning
WW2 - we are still deciding which of the huge number of games for this period we like best!!
Naps (Austerlitz) - as above (looks like Grand Armee willl be chosen)
We are currently playtesting games for Hetzerdog:
Above the Trenches - WW1 Air Combat
Blood, Sweat & Tears - 6mm Scale WW2 Land Combat
These games have proved to be great fun and a hit with the BB members.

Member Backgrounds

Scott "Shinobi" / "The ONE Roller" Kirby
Originating from England, Scott emigrated to Malaysia in 1997 after obtaining his Honours Degree in Aerospace Engineering. He works as a Manager and Principal Lecturer at an Engineering College.
Scott started playing RPGs and wargames in 1983 and has never looked back. He is a recognised RPGA Gamesmaster, and is a Demo Team member for Devil Dog Design (Black Ops) and Dark Age Games (Outcast).
Other interests:
Family - (Wife - Linda, Daughter - Liyana, Son - Alexander),
Football - Fanatical West Ham fan,
Martial Arts - over 15 years practising (hence the nickname "Shinobi" he got from school),
Favourite Band - Metallica (old stuff)
Favourite Book - Necroscope (Brian Lumley)
Favourite Film - Band of Brothers (HBO mini-series) and LOTR Trilogy
Favourite Quotes - "You're gonna need a bigger boat"
                            "We're on a mission from God"
                            "Dwarves are sprinters, very dangerous over short distances"
Favourite Lyrics - "Sit on my face and tell me that you love me"
                          "F**k it all, F**k this world, F**k everything that you stand for,
                          Don't belong, Don't exist, Dn't give a s**t!, Don't ever judge me"
Scott is the current Malaysian champion of rolling the most ones on a D6, especially at crucial times in a game (hence the other nickname!).

Dave "Saflex" / "Kommissar" Khoo

His origins are shrouded in mystery and it is rumoured that he is a Nazgul disguised as a human but no proof exists thus far. He was given the honorific of Kommissar Dave due to his penchant for playing the Soviets during WW2 games and especially for gunning down retreating troops in the interest of morale. Till today, he does not realise that it is not good to  kill more of your own troops than the enemy.
Psychological profile: Mad as a hatter and has megalomaniacal tendencies.
Favourite Tactic: Charge!!!!
Second Favorite Tactic: Wot? you mean there's more than 1 tactic? Nonsense.....
Dislikes: Hobbits, Barney the Dinosaur, Dice that roll 1's.
Likes: Hobbits (as a snack), Low maintenance Fell Beasts.
Favorite Movie(s): LOTR trilogy, Monty Python & the Holy Grail
Favorite lines: "Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no arms left. "
                      "Yes, I have"
                      "Look! "
                      "Just a flesh wound"

"Art of Wargames" Chua

‘Art of Wargames’ Chua has been playing wargames and boardgames since he was six. These two hobbies outlasted stamp-collecting, football and art. His first boardgames include ‘Monopoly’, ‘Exploration’, ‘Formula 1’, ‘4000 AD’. He played games throughout his formative years from kindergarten through to medical school. He has a gaming website: Art of Wargames .


Other interests:

Trekker – esp. TOS and TNG

Guitar – Metal, Rock and Blues

WH18H – loves the application of technology to this game


Good Food –esp. Italian.

Favourite Wargame Rules – DBM

Favourite Band – Iron Maiden

Favourite Opera – La Boheme

Favourite Musical – Les MisÚrables

Favourite Book Trilogy – LOTR

Favourite Movie Trilogy – The Godfather Trilogy (and not the Scary Movie series)

Favourite Movie Quotes – ‘Man, you look just like I feel.’

‘Bring out the Gimp.’

Favourite Rulebook Quote: ‘Focus? He don’t even know us.’

Kian "Archgrandmaster" Jin

Yet another victim fallen into the downward spiral of miniatures and acrylic paint equilibrium conundrum (i.e.: "Got minis, must buy paints; got paints leftover, must buy more minis...."). Now trying to corner the pewter and lead market...and magnetic sheets.
Ancients: Yes please.
Car Wars: I like.
WWII: You paint, I roll.
Favourite Movies: Anything that has violence, blood, gore and decapitation, deaths optional, "Yes, Minister", "Yes, Prime Minister".
Favourite Lines:
"'This would create a dangerous precedent'. Translation: 'If we do the right thing now, we might have to do the right thing again next time'."
"Avoiding precedents does not mean nothing should ever be done. It only means that nothing should ever be done for the first time."
Favourite Books: Iliad, Odyssey, Records of the Grand Historian, Histories, Art of War, A Book of Five Rings, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, War and Peace, Asterix, Tintin (et Milou).
Books Read: Asterix, Tintin (et Milou).

John Chung

My first exposure in gaming was Space Hulk. It *was* one of the best games in the market
when it comes to fast and intense play. Unfortunately Games Workshop has removed it from
it's product line. Late in 2003, Rackham released a new dungeon boardgame "Hybrid".
Hybrid has been said to have inherited it's intense play from Space Hulk and adventuring nature
from Heroquest. A true throne replacement of Space Hulk at last.

I have broke away from GW dominance for quite a while now. I now favour the
underdogs :) Nowadays I make it a point to read the rules first and then play the game.
Rules are the bloodline which makes the game unique and interesting.
Some games just boil down to statistics which makes it deterministic *kind of boring to me*.
Playing the game is the ultimate test. Some of the games just don't stand out at all
when it comes to it's rules.....

Currently involved with Confrontation from Rackham as a tabletop wargame. It is my
first fantasy game. Looking for Confrontation players out there.

Yassine "Plastermaster" Amraoui

Yassine is the only French guy in the team -so far- and joined BB in 2003 after meeting Scott on a terrainmaker forum.
Initially a terrainbuilder for 20 to 25mm miniatures, he learned late in his life that terrain could also be put to good use for wargaming. Shortly after his arrival in KL where fate would send him for 5 years of forced labour, he discovered the miracle of wargaming and has enjoyed every game since.
Yassine is an absolute newbie at wargaming : everybody likes him because somebody always has to take the losing side, and after all he is French...
Other interests :
Family - (wife Corinne, daughter Justine and son Tristan)
Wine - (French wine preferably, but not exclusively)
Terrainbuilding -(plaster buidings such as castles, pyramids, bridges etc..)
Wine -(preferably white, but enjoys good reds as well)
Miniature painting - (mostly 1/72 scale plastic figures, Ancients, Napoleonic and modern)
Wine -(dry mostly, but open to all tastes except english fruit wines)
Reading : Sci-Fi and Fantasy like Herbert, Van Vogt etc..
Wine -(before, during and after meals)
Favourite movies : Kurosawa's Kagemusha and Brazil by Terry Gilliam
Wine -(collecting corks for terrainbuilding)
Favourite motto : everybody should believe in something ! I believe I'll have another drink..
Yassine is a Demo Team member for Dark Age Games (Outcast).

Francis "Wolf" See


Francis Wolf needs 3 things to live, Music, Games and some freaking out.. Beside running Wolf's Game Shop, he also plays guitar really loudly in his band called Spunky Funggy. He has been gaming for the past 15 years but has not played much in the past 15 months due to the fact that the shop always calls for his attention. He prides himself in being a cross gamer (plays all games in every format) but loves the people playing the games more. He writes comic scripts and already has one published by AAP. He is currently working on his own PC game that should take the next 15 years to complete.....

The music he enjoys must have a quirky edge to it from the sonic walls of sonic youth to the wall of anger in slayer to the annoying nuisance of ABBA and the lyrical acrobatics of hip hop.

Wolf is currently the first Malaysian DBA champ (NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM ME!!!!! ahahahahaah - wolf) He runs his Space Wolves (did you think it was going to be Eldar?) at 40K games and High Elves at Fantasy. But he loves historicals. Above all he loves a good game.

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